Donald Glover talking about the comments he received during his campaign to be the next Spider-Man (x)

"I was talking about it with Dan Eckman, who directed my Bonfire video. Can you imagine that trailer? That would be dope. Like it makes sense… a poor black kid in Queens. Like it just fits.”

This hurts my heart so much. Especially tonight.

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Soooo what’re the parentheses for?

Soooo what’re the parentheses for?

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oh it’s just ridiculous Cary Grant gifset | Arsenic and Old Lace 

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After Universal bails, Warner Bros picks up The Dark Tower


After Ron Howard spent months and months negotiating with Universal to make a Dark Tower movie trilogy, the movie studio eventually bailed, leaving the tale of the Gunslinger in limbo. But now it appears that Warner Bros has picked up the project and is going forward with it like a champ. And yes, Javier Bardem is still on board.

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What’s down there?


What’s down there?

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Niggas In Paris at Midnight


That shit Hemingway.

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Punk is not ded

Punk is not ded

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