"There’s an episode in the third season where, one of the B stories is about a mysterious girl named Kim that left a note in Joel McHale’s character’s locker and he’s trying to figure out who Kim is and it turns out it’s a guy. We were just trying to get under the skin of Kim Rozenfeld, who is the head of current programming. There’s just a lot of jokes about how Kim’s a girl’s name and who cares about his notes. I would do stuff like that. But in my defense these people would do things, you know my writers would stay up till four in the morning if that’s what they felt was required to make the show airable, and people who don’t stay up till four in the morning, don’t have the right to use certain language when they talk about those writers’ work, in my opinion. I’m a creative elitist and I will kind of correct your language a little bit in an email if I think you’re not a little bit humbled by the amount of work that a good writer puts into something. I don’t demand that the entire hierarchy be inverted, but I think it’s, I think that if you get your weekends off and you’re talking about people who don’t, use magic words, use the golden rule."

Dan Harmon

I have so much respect for him

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